✅ Drum grain cleaner / sifter 5000 kg/h trilladora nueva

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1.950 €
Precio neto
≈ 2.032 US$
≈ 1.748.000 CLP
2.340 €
Precio bruto
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Tipo trilladora
Año de fabricación 09/2021
Primera matriculación 2021
Peso neto 140 kg
Ubicación Polonia Borova 1S, Zheshuv
Fecha de publicación may 07, 2022
Agriline ID TR26783
Capacidad 5 t/h
Dimensiones totales 1.4 m × 0.8 m × 1 m
Estado nuevo
Información adicional
✅ The drum grit cleaner/sifter is used to clean bulk materials from impurities and to separate them into fractions. It is ideal for cleaning and grading wheat, barley, oats, millet, sunflowers, corn, peas, mustard, rice, soybeans, sorghum, vetch, lupine, cumin, flax, rapeseed, buckwheat, grass seed, vegetable seed, melon seed, legume seed and other crops.
✅ A rotating drum is placed on the frame. On the loading side, a screw-type adjustment allows the height of the drum to be adjusted and the reel speed to be adjusted accordingly. Optionally, a suction or blowing unit can be fitted (not supplied as standard). The calibration and sieving unit reduces the overall moisture content of the material. A single sieve is included. Several sieves for different crops can be ordered as an option.
✅ Features:
Capacity - up to 5 t/h.
Length - 1400 mm.
Width - 800mm
Height - 1000 mm.
Weight - 140 kg.
Diameter of drum - 600 mm.
Power - 0.55 kW.
✅ Other models are available for more sieves. We also have other types of grain cleaners - aerodynamic, sieve. The manufacturer AG ENERGY GROUP is looking for dealers throughout Europe and beyond.
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